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Early Registration runs April 17 – June 13. This is the only chance to get a discounted price!
The Vendor Info Line will be updated soon.

Hello Vendors!

Thanks to outstanding vendors like you, last year’s Humboldt Pride Festival was one of the biggest in our 24-year history! We had 60 vendors and over 2500 guests. We are looking forward to celebrating this year and would love to have you involved!

The 2016 Humboldt Pride Festival will be held once again at Eureka’s Halvorsen Park on Saturday, September 10, 2016 from noon to 5 pm. This year we anticipate another busy and diverse festival.

We continue to refine our registration process. This year we are directing vendors to our website where you can register directly or download registration forms instead of emailing forms. Last year’s trial of allowing vendors to choose their booth location really helped set-up so it’s been incorporated into our registration process. Using the Vendor Choice Map, you may choose your booth location by listing your top 3 choices. (We’ll assign you a location if no choice is made.)

Please note that we no longer rent tables or chairs to vendors. We don’t provide equipment, tables or chairs for vendors.

We’re always looking for opportunities to work with local businesses. Please contact me if you have any potential referrals and feel free to share our contact information to potential new vendors. We look forward to you seeing you in September!

Registration Instructions:
1. Decide which vendor type fits your organization:
Informational: Organizations that provide information, but are not selling a product. Giveaways, donations and raffles are fine. Non-profit status is not required.
For-Profit: Vendors selling a product. A sales tax permit is required. If the product is a pre-wrapped food item this is the right category.
Food: Vendors preparing food on-site and vendors providing food samples. A sales tax permit, Humboldt County Environmental Health permit and insurance are required.

2. Choose your location using the vendor map. (This does not apply to Food Vendors.)
2016 Vendor Choice Map

3. Complete the registration form. Our forms use the fillable pdf format (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.) You can use email or postal mail to send it to us. We accept PayPal and checks.

Informational and for-profit form

Early Registration for Informational & For-Profit Vendors (PDF, 348KB)

Early Registration for Food Vendors (PDF, 460KB)


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Zakkary Zoah
Vendor Coordinator