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  • Peer-to-Peer Violence and Bullying: Examining the Federal Response
    NCTE has submitted testimony to the US Commission on Civil Rights that focuses on research showing how severe and widespread violence against LGBT youth is. Given that 82% of transgender youth do not feel safe in their own schools, we outline several policy steps that could be taken to help end peer bullying and violence.
  • Mara Keisling on NPR
    Host Michel Martin speaks about the attack and gender identity issues with Nick Madigan, crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun and Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. In April, transgender woman Chrissy Lee Polis was brutally attacked by two teenage girls at a McDonald's restaurant outside Baltimore. Since then, a […]
  • Transgender advocates see McDonald's beating as a turning point
    Mara Keisling says in the Baltimore Sun that the McDonald's beating in Rosedale underscores the need for transgender protections.
  • Mara Keisling on the Michael Eric Dyson show
    A shocking video went viral on the Internet, showing a woman and a teenage girl brutally beating a transgendered woman at a Baltimore-area McDonald’s restaurant. The three-minute-long video, shot by a McDonald’s employee who has since been fired, shows a number of people standing by idly as the beating occurred. The only person who tried […]
  • New report on long-term care for elderly LGBT individuals
    NCTE has co-authored a report with the National Senior Citizens Law Center based on a survey seeking to understand the experiences of LGBT older adults in long-term care settings. The report echoes the results of NCTE's report completed earlier this year: LGBT individuals face discrimination at every stage of life.

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